Traditional Expertise in Ham

By producing high quality ham, Klümper was setting up a success story for more than 195 years, which is still not over yet.


The beginning

“Spezial-Schinken-Salz-Räucherei H. Klümper” was established at a Westphalian farm.


The demand is growing

Registration of the company in the trade register.

First awards for excellent product achievements resulting in 2 silver medals.

Bernhard Klümper incorporates his younger brother Heinrich into the company.


Klümper is recorded into the trademark protection register for “Westphalian” ham

First price from the “DLG” for “Westphalian bone ham”.



Restart of production through Bernhard Klümper and his brother in law, Gerhard Moggert.

1952 - 1955

Change of generations

Gerhard Moggert overtakes shares of Bernhard Klümper, who is corporate shareholders with Heinrich Klümper now.

Klümper receives several awards and prices for excellent product quality.

1965 - 1979

The sixth generation

Heinrich Klümper jun. and Manfred Moggert-Kemper, nephew of Gerhard Moggert, enter the company and overtake it officially in 1979.

1994 - 2003

The demand is still growing further

Establishment of a new production facility with over 6.800 sq m, 1999 establishment of an additional 3.000 sq m.

Klümper is the first German ham manufacturer to be certified for quality management through the DIN EN ISO 9001.

Receipt of the US export number.

Andrea Moggert-Kemper and Eckhard Klümper are corporate shareholders.

2006 - 2009

Our own block-type thermal power station

Klümper is rewarded with the ECARF seal of quality as the first food manufacturer.

Implementing the own block-type thermal power station. The entry in the network quickly leads to a power of 2 mega watt.


Klümper is becoming a branded product

A new brand concept and a new brand presence are created.

Introduction of the premium brand “Edler Westfale”.

Intensive radio advertising for “Edler Westfale” starting with over 163 million radio contacts.