Committed to the future

We take it for granted to treat the nature with respect and to be engaged for humans and animals. We are fulfilling the needs of enjoyment responsibly and thoughtfully towards future generations.

Environmental protection

We are continuously investing in innovative technologies to guarantee the maximum of energy-related efficiency. This is why we ensure an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production, through special cooling devices, our own block-type thermal power station and a modern heat recovery system.

Corporate responsibility

By supporting kindergartens, schools, sport clubs and events, we contribute to the people in our region.

The art of regional ham refinement

As we are advertising gourmet ham, Klümper is actively engaged in the preservation of natural products out of our region. This is why we support the “German Association for the Protection of Westphalian Ham and Specialty Meats”, whose seal stands for traditional and mechanic attributes.

Responsible enjoyment

To maintain the culture of eating and drinking, Klümper is a member of “Slow Food Germany”. This association of conscious consumers demands a clean and healthy production of food. Klümper shares this demand abundantly.

The preservation of an endangered traditional animal breed

To create our specialty products of the “Bunte Bentheimer Schwein” in a traditional way, we built a corporation with the agricultural enterprise of Bodenkamp van Bebber. Together we are distributing the brand “Specktakel”, under the name of the “Grafschafter Genusskontor”. As a member of the breeding association and the association for the preservation of this pig breed, we decided do build up our own breeding and give this traditional breed a perspective.