Der Leichte

mildly Smoked Light Ham

Der Leichte (light)

Contains a Maximum of 3% Fat:

The light version of Klümper ham is a mildly smoked premium-ham, which contains maximally 3% fat on its in- and outside.The light ham with its low fat content does perfectly fit to a health-conscious nutrition.


Der Leichte

mildly Smoked Light Ham

Nutrition facts (per 100g) & Ingredients
Energy 590/140 kcal

Fat 3,0 g
saturated fatty acids 1,0 g

Carbohydrates 1,0 g
Sugar 1,0 g

Protein 27,0 g

Salt 5,00 g

Ingredients: pork, iodinated salt, dextrose, spices, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, beech wood smoke

Nutrition facts may vary significantly due to the pork´s individual meat characteristics.