The Cutting

Only trained butchers are cutting the approved raw materials in our company. Selected legs of pork of around 11kg are going to be processed into the famous Westphalian Bone Ham.

The Curing

After eight days of preservation using salt, the ham is going to be cleaned and then preserved by using salt again. High quality salt and traditional herbs are creating the individual aroma and colour over weeks.

Maturation Through Smoking

Our ham is maturing up to nine months. Through special and traditional smoking chambers, the unique flavour is going to be created by the smoke of beech wood. The wood plays a big part in creating the taste of the end product.

Maturation Through Air Drying

Air-dried ham receives its gentle flavour and aroma in modern climatic chambers. Air-dried ham is maturing for weeks, as the smoked ham, to create the unique and popular aroma.