Manual labour for special taste

The Klümper ham is undergoing approximately 30 manual labour steps already before the maturing process - under constant control and highest quality standards. To create excellence in taste, we combine manual labour with highly modern production processes.

Our guarantee

Each and everyone of our ham delicacy is produced with manual labour according to traditional recipes. We only use high quality and pure ingredients to create excellence in taste and wholesomeness.  

Our products do not contain any

  • flavour enhancers
  • lactose
  • artificial flavours


We receive the legs of pork as raw materials from acquainted farmers. Cooking salt and sea salt as well as iodised table salt are used for the preservation of the ham and as flavouring ingredients. The preservation process is supported by the ingredients sugar and dextrose. Herbs are used only according to traditional family recipes, which help to create the unique flavour. Saltpetre and sodium nitrite are used as preservatives, to maintain the aroma and colour of the products.

Sausage and Ham Sommelier
Hermann Bröker

Our factory manager, Hermann Bröker, is the first officially certified sausage and ham sommelier in the entire ham industry, being a huge asset for both our company and our customers. Our diverse ham specialties are highly profiting from his long-term experience as well as from his newly obtained in-depth knowledge.

Hermann Bröker is working as our factory manager since more than 20 years now. In February 2019, Bröker was successfully examined to qualify as ham and sausage sommelier. Through his qualification, he is not only showing even more dedication to his job and our products, but also extending his knowledge in the fields of flavours and aromas of ham. Going beyond common and specific manufacturing criteria, this special sommelier apprenticeship is teaching its trainees about region-specific product features, international differences and the multiple stories behind the different products. This all-encompassing approach opens up many more opportunities concerning the development of new recipes and serving recommendations.

From the very beginning it has always been a priority for us to convey the essence of each individual product and enhance traditional features with innovative ideas. Therefore, we feel privileged to prospectively rely on the in-depth knowledge of our sausage and ham sommelier when it comes to the future development of our KLÜMPER premium quality ham products.

Where do our pigs come from?

Every week, Klümper is manufacturing approximately 18,000 legs of pork of acquainted farmers. The suppliers are selected very critically, as they have to declare bindingly to our quality standards.

Quality starts in the stalls

Pigs are very sensitive, which is why we require continuous veterinary medical controls as well as species-appropriate husbandry. The space and condition of the soil are as important as the temperature and lightning in the stalls. Feeding and breeding of the animals is under constant and critical control.

Trust and Control

The freshness of our products is crucial. Only fresh raw materials are going to be accepted at the point of delivery, which is ensured through a strict goods inward inspection. This inspection does not only control the freshness, but also the colour, taste and microbiology. Only best pieces are accepted for production.

Excellent origin

We require every of our suppliers to have the quality protection mark, which stands for strict and continuous controls as well as protection of origin.




Controlled Quality

Klümper knows about its responsibility towards customers. Certifications as well as awards show our high quality standards and prove food safety.


Klümper is certified for its quality management as the first German ham manufactory. This internationally relevant norm builds a basis for continuous improvement.

IFS Food

This certificate is a standard for the auditing of food producers by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is especially focussing on responsibility, quality and resource management, production processes as well as measurements and improvements.

USDA Food Saftey and Inspection Service

As one of only few German meat manufacturers, Klümper fulfils the strict import regulations of the US market.


In 2013, Klümper was significantly responsible for the registration of Westphalian Bone Ham into the European register of products with protected origins.